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AVP Creative

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AVP Creative focuses on Branding through Package Design and Development from ideation

to commercialization in the beauty industry.

Founder Angela Piner, a former Executive at Estee Lauder Companies with 20 years experience launching hundreds of custom packaging and formulations at manufacturing locations all over the world, wanted to focus on partnering with indie brands to provide her extensive expertise to emerging brands. 

Angela has spent her career working closely with founders, successfully collaborating to create their vision from ideation and launch development to in. market commercialization. . During her tenure leading Package Design and Development at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for 14 years she shared a close creative collaboration with the founder which contributed to the brand growth to $1B+ in retail sales, 

Most recently collaborating with Gucci Westman developing her brand, Westman Atelier, a custom luxury line of consciously crafted beauty which won WWD Beauty Inc. 2018 "Launch of the Year."



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